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Ann Daniels
cool jools and wonderful wireworks

I have been making jewelry since 2001. I am self-taught: I began by teaching myself some basic wirework techniques, and then dreamed up a few more unusual ones of my own. I made some earrings and bracelets just for fun - people liked the jewelry I made for myself - and I have been designing and selling jewelry ever since.

My original designs are based on abstract and geometrical shapes, and are executed in silver wire adorned with richly colored glass, pearls and semiprecious stones. I make the kind of jewelry I like to wear: lightweight and eye-catching, elegant but fun. I take great pleasure in working with lovely materials and even more in creating something beautiful from scratch with my own hands.

I believe that jewelry is more than just another accessory; it's a way of carrying a little bit of your personal idea of beauty around with you

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